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What is International Life Skills Olympiad

International Life Skills Olympiad is the world's 1st Life Skills test, conducted every year for students in Grade IV to Grade XII. The first edition of the great event was held on 17th December, 2015. On the whole, the students have to undergo a different test to prove their intelligence and compete with the fellow competitors.

The vision of International Life Skills Olympiad is to create the world's 1st common platform for calibrating life skills proficiency and to develop a wide range of 21st-century critical life skills among 1 Billion young citizens.

The International Life Skills Olympiad is designed by a global team of highly experienced educationists, psychologists and Life Skills experts aimed to assess the skills proficiency levels of young citizens in the 21st century Life Skills.

Who Can Participate in International Life Skills Olympiad ?

Any student from class IV to XII can participate in the International Life Skills Olympiad. The Olympiad exam will be conducted online across the world. All the registered students having a basic computer with internet facilities can participate in the Life Skills Olympiad comfortably from their home or their school.

  • Group I: Grade IV to V

  • Group II: Grade VI to VII

  • Group III: Grade VIII to X

  • Group IV: Grade XI to XII


The important dates related to Life Skills Olympiad are as follows-

Enrollment starts from 5th October 2017.

Date of Olympiad Exam

  • 21th January, 2018

Last date of Enrollment

  • 7th January, 2018

Result announcements Date- 27th Feburary, 2018

Why do we need a global life skills test for school kids?

We all agree that our children, the young citizens of 21st century need a whole range of critical Life skills to engage, manage and lead their world. Most of the prevalent schooling curriculum across the world are primarily fact-based curriculum that do not provide any scope for young minds to acquire practical Life skills.

Research has conclusively proven that human brain can acquire practical life skills only during the hardwiring stage of the brain i.e, roughly between the ages of 6-16 years. And the first building block of acquiring Life Skills is to assess the current ‘Life Skills Quotient’ of the young minds. That is the precise reason why every school going child, across the world, from grade IV-XII should participate in International Life Skills Olympiad and get started on the path of Skilling for the 21 st century. "


Q1: What is International Life Skills Olympiad?

The International Life Skills Olympiad is the world's 1st examination on Life Skills for school students in Grade IV to XII. This global test is designed to test the skill levels of the young minds and also to educate & sensitize them to a wide range of practical Life Skills. One of its kind in the world, the Life Skills Olympiad tests the students on Life Skills like leadership, ethics, goal planning, economics, and several other 21st century Skills.

Q2: Am I eligible to participate in the International Life Skills Olympiad?

The exam is open to school students worldwide from Grade IV to Grade XII. The exam will be conducted online. The test will be held for 4 different Grade Groups -

  • Group 1 - [Grade IV-V]
  • Group 2 - [Grade VI-VII]
  • Group 3 - [Grade VIII-IX-X]
  • Group 4 - [Grade XI-XII]

Q3. Do I have to enroll for the test through my school?

No, you don't have to enroll through your school strictly. Interested participants can register online on the website of International Life Skills Olympiad 2017-18.

Q4: I am from non-English medium school, can I appear in International Life Skills Olympiad?

The exam is conducted in English only. It is not a test of language skills hence anybody who can understand basic English should be able to participate and succeed in the International Skills Olympiad.

Q5: When is the examination held?

The International Life Skills Olympiad 2017-18 will be held on 21st January 2018 across the world. The choice is open to participants. They can attempt exam as per their convenience.

Q6: What is the procedure for the enrollment?

You can enroll online through our website or you can email us your formalities at

Q7: How do I prepare for the International Skills Olympiad?

On the iSkills Olympiad website, you'll find syllabus and Skills Guide(study materials) required for the Olympiad. You will also find mock tests for your group. Besides that, participants can buy question banks, workbooks, and other reference skill books to acquire new skills and to practice them.

Q8: Are there any awards for winners?

Yes! There will be great prizes for the global winners of all the 4 groups. And whats more, all participants accross the world will be recieving certificates and prizes worth $10.00

Q9: How will I know my result?

The results will be posted on the International Skills Olympiad website and you will also receive your result through email.

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